Corporate Sustainability

Fostering Reliable,
Responsible & Robust Brands

The quality and cutting-edge of a company stems from and reflects its strategy and ability to anticipate, appreciate, accommodate and translate opportunities and in tandem, negotiate or nullify risks.

The robustness and goodwill of a modern corporate brand hinges on its reliability, adaptability responsibility and sustainability strategies – balancing its economic objectives with social and environmental ones.

Community Resilience

Moulding Sustainable
Social Stability & Security

Widespread man-made mayhem have been motivated by supremacism, racism, terrorism, radicalism, extremism and exclusivism. In the social media era, these social divisions, discords, distrust and destruction are fueled and exacerbated by disinformation, fake news, deep fakes and hate speech. Societies and communities must consciously and structurally combat and counter ignorance, nonchalance, indifference, arrogance, misconception and misinformation to avoid degradation of social cohesion and trust. The increasing frequency, intensity and scale of natural disasters, especially in Asia, have added further and greater challenges to social stability, security and sustainability.

Crisis Management

Communicating Assurance
& Maintaining Confidence

  • Managing crises requires facts, form, framework and flair.
  • Crises are abnormal circumstances with adverse consequences.
  • Companies, societies and communities bear varying vulnerabilities.
  • Communicating assurances and maintaining confidence are key to stability.
  • Incisive and decisiveness allow for speedier and surer response, and steadier recovery.
  • Procedures are crucial, personality is critical.

Humanitarian Affairs

Galvanising Inter-Sector
Cooperation & Interoperability

Insecurities continue to threaten human safety and social stability as the world continues to be wrecked by financial crises, climate change and agonising spectacles of nature’s fury. Disaster management includes the rights of affected communities to continue living with decency and dignity.

With increasing occurrence of natural disasters, and given that resources are not unlimited, it is imperative for inter-sector synergy and civil-military cooperation, to ensure effectiveness of interventions and avoiding wasteful duplication of and presumptuous efforts.

Servant Leadership

Shaping Personality
of Humility & Empathy

Servant leadership is both a philosophy and practice, based on coaching versus controlling. Unlike traditional leadership, servant-leaders share power, prioritise needs of others, and help them develop and unleash their energy and intelligence.

Servant-leaders walk alongside their subordinates, wear their hearts on the sleeves, and are always in search of opportunities for others to be something more.

As a compassionate collaborator of a common cause, filled with humility and empathy, the highest priority of a servant-leader is to encourage and enable subordinates to unfold their full potential and abilities. This comes with the obligation to delegate responsibility responsibly, and allow for participative decision-making.